Richie Tennenbaum (r_baumer) wrote,
Richie Tennenbaum

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Oh, dear God...

It turns out my father has stomach cancer. he only has 6 weeks to live. I'm so worried about him. I can't believe anything like this could happen. Just the thought of this brings up the memories of all the moments we had when I was growing up. Each weekend he and I would go on an outing, sometimes to the races, sometimes watching the dog fights. And now, all that will be gone. I have to go home and visit him. I haven't seen him since I retired, but I couldn't bring myself to see him, knowing how he takes disappointment and all...

I'm going to come home as soon as possible. I'm disembarking at Halifax, and transfering to a third class stateroom aboard the Queen Helena. That should eventually take me to the eastern seaboard. I asked Margot to meet me at the pier by means of the Green Line Bus.
She's going to be late.

My luggage wont get here for another 11 days... :/
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